Don’t let distance
keep you from doing
what will change your child’s future!

online learning programs from Therapeutic Literacy Center

 Distance Learning and Online Programs include:

TLC offers online programs that are highly effective for the remediation of reading, spelling, and math. Our systems strengthen processing skills such as working memory, processing speed, auditory processing and visual processing.  

Our Distance Learning and Online Programs can fix or significantly improve these areas:

  • Attention/Focus,
  • Executive Function,
  • Working Memory,
  • Auditory Processing,
  • Processing Speed as well as
  • Handwriting,
  • Reading,
  • Writing, and
  • Mathematics skills.

This means that some of our clients meet with us online from a quiet space at their school during their school day, or they work from home before or after school.

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Consultation Services

With 30 years of experience in education, Maria knows the school system. Her IEP consultation services have helped parents everywhere to advocate for their child’s needs. She also interprets psych reports and outside documents/assessments for parents and for the school. Her specialized knowledge of the underlying skills paired with many years of experience in the school system gives her an invaluable perspective. Set up a consultation call today to talk with an expert in education about your child’s needs.

Don’t let distance keep you from accessing a system that works!

You might also be interested in our learning modules that help you understand how your child learns. These online programs are designed just for parents. Educate yourself on the way your child’s brain works and what may be holding them back from their full potential. Our advanced distance learning programs even teach you activities you may administer to your child. Learning problems don’t have to be permanent. There are solutions.

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