One-on-one works!  It can be expensive ridiculously expensive!
…because it works…

Still, not everyone needs that level of intensity!

Affordable and effective services now available!

Need tutoring? Yes!
Need MORE?  We have that too!
More than another reading or math group!
Affordable small groups!
Are you looking for the one-on-one intensives?  We still have those too!

teacher and student working on schoolwork at Therapeutic Literacy Center

We have clinicians with expertise in these areas:

Attention/Focus Training
Executive Function Training
Auditory Processing Training
Study Skills
Memory and Processing Skills
Reading: Fluency
Reading: Comprehension
Math Fact Automaticity (+,-,x,/)
Writing: Penmanship/Handwriting
Writing:  SPELLING
Writing: Content and Organization

We also have tutors! But if we don’t have the content area you are looking for, we can direct you to someone who does!

TLC is opening its services to a wider group of students that may benefit from the energy and attention that comes through a small group!  Families are better able to afford to give their children something schools aren’t trained to provide…. that is… a neurocognitive approach to correcting the underlying learning skills needed for academic success with Common Core Standards.

We have been grouping students by age and level of need for training in reading, writing, and math through the development of auditory/visual processing, short-term and working memory, processing speed.

Groups are no larger than three students and are formed by age, interests, and level of achievement.
Each session is on a 55 minute hour.


8 Monthly Sessions ($600)*
10 Monthly Sessions ($700)*
12 Monthly Sessions ($780)*

*Materials/start-up fee = $175
*Participation in group sessions requires a brief evaluation for correct placement. The charge is $110/hour and generally is only one hour long. This also includes a free consultation afterward for another 45 minutes.

Intensive Therapy is one-on-one and is based on identified needs in the underlying learning skills.

Intensives always begin with a comprehensive assessment $600-$800 for the identification of the therapeutic needs. Hours of therapy are sold in packages and can cost anywhere from $1,000-$2,300/month based on the programming needed and hours of attendance within the month.

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