Individualized Programs for Your Child’s Needs

We make every effort to work around your family schedule!

When parents seek educational help outside of school for their children, they have to make tough decisions about their family schedules:

“Where will we find the time?”

“What can we give up?”

The clinical therapeutic approach to changing learning disabilities and attention deficits is a demanding one.  Any successful therapeutic program is highly individualized and specialized, and it generally requires a minimum of two sessions per week to have the greatest effect for change.

In addition to the individualized one-on-one programs at our Solana Beach Center, we also offer small groupLong Distance, Homeschool, and School Options programs.

student studying at Therapeutic Literacy CenterOur most intensive program requires that the student work in a one-on-one setting. Time during or after the school day is difficult to give up. We offer the opportunity to work with us for 2-10 hours/week. Most students can achieve what they need in 3-6 months depending on their individual needs.

This instructional plan is determined using diagnostic assessments and progress is monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Contact us for an evaluation of your child’s needs and more information regarding this during-the-day option.

student and teacher working on schoolwork at Therapeutic Literacy CenterWe have added structured small group therapies in many of the same underlying cognitive skills areas specifically designed to improve academic learning in reading, writing, math and other areas within the Common Core.

The instructional plans and groupings are determined using diagnostic assessments and progress is monitored on a regular basis.

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distance learning program at Therapeutic Literacy CenterDon’t live in the San Diego area?  That’s not a problem!
We are also able to provide some of our therapies from a distance! These sessions can be offered one-on-one with a clinician and may require some parental supports as part of the therapy program.

Contact us for more information about our Distance Program.

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