TLC provides home school parents support in three ways:

  1. Provides consultation services and guidance to parents in various content areas.
    • Maria Bagby has 30+ years in education at all levels and has provided instructional support and strategies to parents for most of those years. If you are considering homeschooling your child, make an appointment with Maria to talk about how she can help you succeed!
  2. Provides content area instruction to students in areas parents’ seek support.
    • We have experienced teachers in reading, writing and math that will provide the one-on-one instruction your child needs.
    • If you bring another child with you, we can build an individualized small group!
  3. Provides individual and group therapies in the underlying cognitive skills needed to become independent successful learners.
    • Many students that area being homeschooled come to TLC during their flexible school day to get the educational therapy they need to strengthen the underlying skills (such as auditory/visual processing, comprehension and language skills, short-term and working memory, processing speed… among a few).

Note: Maria Bagby has a special place in her heart for homeschooling families and has been able to offer discounts for families homeschooling their children.  Ask about these when you come to see us!

We proudly sponsor The Classical Academies

in North San Diego County.

The Classical Academies,
Award-Winning, Tuition-Free, California Public Charter Schools
Serving grades K-12 in North San Diego County

Homeschool dyslexia and ADHD support