Lindamood Bell Programs support dyslexic children learn to read.

“Relationships are the heart of what we do. We know that this is the essential element in tailoring an individual program to meet the needs of the whole child.”


What makes us different?

When choosing a therapist to help your child there are many considerations to keep in mind, including educational background, proven areas of expertise, scheduling flexibility, breadth of program offerings, and whether they are a good match personally for your child.  

We are credentialed teachers, reading specialists, clinicians and Educational Therapists. Yet, we don’t try to do it all.  We know that with the right amount of intense therapeutic intervention, we can make changes in a short amount of time.  We believe that a brief  “time out” from what is not working can provide a child with what they need to access instruction in their traditional classroom.

 When choosing a therapist, tutor, or educational specialist, keep in mind the following:

  • Schools aren’t built to have the time or resources for the level of individual intensity that we are able to provide.
  • Tutors may teach school subjects or provide support with homework. If you are looking for someone to help with homework or re-teach subject content from their classes, then a tutor is a good choice.
  • Larger companies may limit or focus on their own programs that they are able to provide. However, most learning difficulties are not single in nature, rather there are many areas of challenge that co-exist making remediation more complex.  We strive for a deep understanding of both the symptoms and causes because that is what is necessary for optimal and efficient intervention.
  • Some clinics hire college students to teach their programs or regular classroom teachers after they have taught all day.  All our clinicians are college graduates with degrees in psychology.  All are full-time and dedicated to all our clients.
  • We are diagnostic and scientifically based.

“… consistent communication with me, as a parent, has been remarkable. Through phone calls and emails, a genuine investment in Parker’s emotional and educational well being has helped her reach her potential…..”

Parker's Mother