What are the Signs and Symptoms that your child may have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?

(Central) Auditory Processing Disorder is a type of hearing loss not located in the sensory organs in your ears, but in the part of your brain that processes & understands what you hear.  APD is a complex problem with broad spectrum symptoms so understanding the specific deficit(s) your child experiences is essential to create the most effective deficit-targeted therapy.  Some of the more commonly observed symptoms include the following:


  • Difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments
  • Trouble following directions
  • Has trouble discriminating (or telling the difference between) similar-sounding speech sounds
  • Often asking for repetition or clarification
  • Says “Huh” or “What” often
  • Difficulty learning to spell
  • Easily distracted in class
  • Disturbed by loud sounds

If any of these describe your child, they may have APD.  However, APD cannot simply be diagnosed from a symptoms checklist. No matter how many symptoms of APD a child may have, only careful and accurate diagnostics can determine the underlying cause and the actual diagnosis of APD must be made by an audiologist.

Effective Therapy and Treatment of APD is multi-faceted approach of teaching compensatory strategies so the individual is equipped to self-advocate, and direct treatment aimed at remediating the specific deficit.  By learning compensatory strategies, the individual gains the tools and confidence to exert control over their own learning and communication environment; they take a self-advocacy role to set themselves up for success.  Direct treatment of APD seeks to remediate the disorder itself and there are many treatment activities to address specific auditory deficits.  The combined program of compensatory strategies and direct treatment plan must be highly individualized and designed for the specific auditory deficit(s) present.   

What We Offer

Testing and Diagnosis
Dr. Pamela Best, Audiologist and Neurodiagnostic Specialist may provide an evaluation  of your child’s ability to process sound effectively and if needed, identify the a specific area of deficit.

Therapy and Treatment
The expert team of the Therapeutic Literacy Center in collaboration with Dr. Best will develop a deficit-specific therapy to correct the problem area in the most effective and efficient way.

Together, we will work with your child’s school to support your child’s ability to be successful in school and in life. We provide professional development for teachers and other professionals.

Therapeutic Literacy Center in collaboration with Balance & Hearing Specialty Group provides Deficit-Specific Therapy for APD

Auditory Decoding/Auditory Closure
Temporal Processing/Temporal Patterning
Binaural Integration/Separation

Binaural Interaction
Speech Discrimination

Contact us for a consultation or for more information related to APD Testing, Therapy, and Treatment.

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