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Need to reschedule a couple of appointments?
Use Acuity to make these SMALL CHANGES (reschedule up to three hours)

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Need to permanently change the day or time more permanently?
Use the  Change Request form before the 15th of the month PRIOR to when the changes come into effect.

Current Clients:

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TLC Holidays and
“Extra” Days

Therapy Plans are packaged in a set number of hours within 20-Day month (plus 4 Saturdays) for two purposes:
1.  To create the opportunity for consistent therapy needed
for optimal gains in students.
2.  To allow for automatic billing with predictability
in budgeting.

The “extra” days are any days within a month that are more than the packaged 20 days.

The Schedule Change Requests Due dates are dates that all large schedule/plan changes are due only using the online scheduling form (above).


Therapeutic Literacy Center 2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

January 2018:
Closed/HolidayJanuary 1
Extra Day January 30
Extra Day – January 31

February 2018:

March 2018:
Extra DayMarch 29
Extra DayMarch 30
Extra DayMarch 31 (Saturday)

April 2018:
Extra DayApril 30

May 2018:
Closed/HolidayMay 28
Extra Day May 29
Extra Day May 30
Extra DayMay 31

June 2018:
Extra DayJune 1

July 2018:
Extra DayJuly 2
Extra Day – July 3

Closed/HolidayJuly 4

August 2018:
Extra DayAugust 29
Extra Day – August 30
Extra Day – August 31

Tentative – September 2018:
Extra DaySeptember 1 (Saturday)
Closed/Holiday – September 3
Note: There are only 19 weekdays in September. Therefore, October 1 serves as the missing day in September.

Tentative – October 2018:
OPENOctober 1 (Serves as missing day in September)
Extra DayOctober 30
Extra DayOctober 31

Tentative – November 2018:
Closed/Holiday – November 12
Closed/Holiday – November 22

Tentative – December 2018:
Closed/Holiday December 25
Extra DayDecember 29 (Saturday)

Therapeutic Literacy Center FAQ

Therapeutic Literacy Center FAQ