• Spencer

“What a profound effect the right people can make in life!  Spencer had been diagnosed with dyslexia, and his former school was not equipped to handle our new-found discovery in his difficulty to learn.  He had struggled since he was little on all fronts; colors, shapes, numbers and letters, nothing came easy.  He was never sure of himself when he answered a question.  When it came time to read, he withdrew, became full of sadness, or tired, and found any excuse to not to read.  It was painful for him to write anything, even one sentence, and would take him hours to construct it.

In talking with educators and parents in our community, I started to hear about Ms Bagby and what a difference she was making with children that struggled in school.  Ms Bagby held a summer course during which time he began to see the light of understanding, began to grow and change, began to make progress in reading and feeling accomplished.  His pride swelled now, and he took anything on they gave him.  By the end of the 6 week session, he was just over a grade level higher in reading, and had learned to write.

Ms. Bagby showed me a comment he made about enjoying writing, which brought tears to my eyes!  No longer afraid, he would write thoughts out, shopping lists, and would grab different books to read, still needing some encouragement but not hand-holding.  He explored his world in a new way, and the support and new confidence in him traveled outside of academics to sports.  He embraced things that would have him running and crying in the past!  He was a freer child, with a love of learning and a realization that life was not just struggle with no achievement!

Ms Bagby are a vast wealth of knowledge and resources that give these children with learning differences the ability to progress in a fun way that they can embrace and grow in!  As a parent, I can honestly say that Ms Bagby is the ONE teacher in his life that has made the difference; and he will never forget her!

Spencer was not the child I had brought to these wonderful educators!”
Spencer’s Mom