• Bollocks 04

We are so grateful that our children were introduced to Maria Bagby.  When Corey came to Maria she was almost a whole year behind in her reading and spelling.  This was a huge concern for us since she has always been so excited about learning and has had great success, but we started to notice her enthusiasm and interest decline and wasn’t motivated to read.  This was becoming more obvious to us when her reading starting affecting her math which she has excelled in since Kinder and was in PEAK classes for.

Maria truly wanted the best for my kids and took the time to asked them the right questions to get to the root issue of why they were not having success in reading and spelling.  Maria diagnosed both of my kids learning styles and taught too that style.  Only when that was addressed did we see improvement in both our children.  We will continue to have great success with the resources Maria has given Max and Corey and by knowing their unique learning styles.

I believe Maria’s passion in having a more personal relationship with the kids made it so much more effective than the traditional style they were used to.  My children and I truly felt that Maria wanted the best for them.  They witnessed first hand her overall passion for them to succeed.  This was a major part of their quick turn around.

In just a short time I saw a huge improvement in their abilities and both of my kids are now reading above the requirement level.  They are confident in reading and writing, which gives them confidence in all other areas of learning and in life.

– Eric and Amy Bollock