Maria Bagby was introduced to our family after our son, Ari, had been struggling in elementary school for two years. Our journey changed drastically once we met Maria Bagby. She has been the most positive and powerful force to enter our lives and we are so fortunate to work alongside her in our son’s educational journey.

Maria has given our family academic support, emotional support and thoughtful guidance as we navigate Ari’s learning style through the school system. We now focus on Ari’s mastery of very specific literacy skills and also target exactly what areas in reading he still needs to learn.

In addition to working with our oldest son, Maria’s extensive knowledge in her field allowed her to identify potential academic needs in our younger children as well. She has been able to alert us, address areas of concern and then direct us toward possible solutions before problems arise.

We’ve seen such wonderful growth in our son’s learning that he is now more positive in so many other areas as well. He is excited to go to school and even wants to work with Maria on the weekends and during school vacations! She has turned our son onto learning- and he is happy.

– Andrea and Charlie Chacos
Parents to Ari, Cooper and Desi Chacos