Therapeutic learning center, TLC, has changed our lives. That seems like a pretty powerful statement but it is true. Our son has been struggling for years in school. We tried holding him back a year, traditional tutoring, everything and getting the same results. Poor reading comprehension, distracted easily, handwriting that no one could read and a child who hated school. We had been told by every school teacher and administrator that our son had ADHD, without any formal testing, and that we were harming our child’s future if we didn’t medicate him. We felt defeated and knew something needed to change quickly. My gut told me to not medicate him but to try and find a resource to guide us in helping our son. I had seen in an ad in our local magazine that featured TLC. I decided to give them a call and was connected to Maria, the founder of TLC. Holding back tears and frustration I explained Aidan’s story and she just listened. From that point on we’ve been a part of the TLC family. I call it our family, because my son feels powerful, smart and respected among his peers and teachers, just like a family member. Maria has been able to not only show Aidan his brilliance but has shown us as well. Their approach had been UNIQUE to his development and motivation. Happy to report that he is at grade level in most areas, loves to read and not only learning to write but LOVING to write. – Nicole (Aidan’s mom)