We also have information evenings from time to time!
Ask for the same information during a consult if you’d like!

Do you want to understand WHY your child is struggling in school?

Bright students just shouldn’t be struggling.
Join us at our next parent information meeting to explore that struggle and options to end it.

Is this your child?

  • Reading, Writing, or Math Challenges
  • Working hours and hours on homework
  • Dreading going to school
  • Smart but underachieving
  • Struggling to pay attention
  • Trouble organizing or following through

These kinds of struggles can look like laziness or lack of motivation but they almost never are. They also don’t tend to go away with time, maturity, better teachers, or tutoring. They can go away.

Let us help you see what’s possible and how.

Here’s what we do at our parent information meetings:

  • We want to hear “what it’s like at your house”
  • We will share with you the “hidden” skills that cause bright students to struggle in school
  • We’ll talk about the “parents journey” as they move from “Maybe he’ll grow out of it” to “I think he’s just lazy” and finally to “Something here just doesn’t add up!”
  • You’ll see a chart that groups learning skills into an easy to understand system
  • We’ll talk about why traditional tutoring doesn’t work
  • We’ll discuss what the school’s role is in addressing learning problems
  • Finally, we’ll look at how these challenges can be solved so that the worry and frustration can end for you

Most of all, we want you to get YOUR questions answered.
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We look forward to meeting you!
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