Executive Function

Develop Your Child's Independence Strengthen executive function skills for better planning, organization, and self-management Kids will be kids– But we want our kids to be kids who can focus, think, plan, organize, and make good decisions. This includes having self-control, and evaluatin

Is Your Child Masking Their Dyslexia?

Halloween masks can be great fun, but is your child wearing a “mask” all year long? Secretly Dyslexic Mike was funny and gregarious. He showed his smarts in class discussions, but come time to sit down and work, he would play “class clown” and entertain his neighbors instead. Unfi

End the Homework Battle

At our Parent Information Meeting this week, a parent shared that her son spends 5 hours a night on what should be less than an hour of homework. Another parent, whose son also seems to do nothing but homework after school said, “We just want him to have his life back!” When my son was 8,

What makes a successful learner?

When a student struggles in school, parents look to tutoring as a solution. But tutoring isn’t a real solution for those with learning challenges. It’s a temporary band-aid that covers up a deeper problem; and very often, it doesn’t even do that. While misinformed teachers and tutors contin

How Children with APD Become Masters of their Own Ears

For many families, raising a child with APD or CAPD means coping, understanding, and finding the right accommodations to help the child throughout the day. No medication has been found to help, and so far cognitive research has not produced any promising treatments. However, for families that do not
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