End the Homework Battle

At our Parent Information Meeting this week, a parent shared that her son spends 5 hours a night on what should be less than an hour of homework. Another parent, whose son also seems to do nothing but homework after school said, “We just want him to have his life back!” When my son was 8,

What makes a successful learner?

When a student struggles in school, parents look to tutoring as a solution. But tutoring isn’t a real solution for those with learning challenges. It’s a temporary band-aid that covers up a deeper problem; and very often, it doesn’t even do that. While misinformed teachers and tutors contin

How Children with APD Become Masters of their Own Ears

For many families, raising a child with APD or CAPD means coping, understanding, and finding the right accommodations to help the child throughout the day. No medication has been found to help, and so far cognitive research has not produced any promising treatments. However, for families that do not
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Early Detection of Hearing Disabilities

Every time my kids get a check-up, it strikes me that pediatricians are checking eyes and ears in the same way they’ve been checking for at least the last 50 years (yep, I just turned 50).  True, a general practitioner will typically only screen for evidence of deeper issues and then refer onward

Accessibility Apps Help Students With Dyslexia

We need to remind ourselves that ‘Accessibility’ needn’t be a term reserved just for physically disabled. Those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities face real challenges navigating the world of printed words. It’s largely inaccessible to them because it’s often incomprehensible. H