Child/Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

office  Dr. Nadia Nassar Kuhn, MD

  Comprehensive care including therapy  /   858.225.6168
141 N. Acacia Ave, Suite A      Solana Beach, CA 92075

During your initial consultation, she will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. She may also provide you with referrals to other providers to better assist you.

In addition to her private practice Dr. Nassar Kuhn serves as the Medical Director for a women’s recovery center in San Diego, California. She previously served as the school psychiatrist for an adolescent day treatment program that provided educational and therapeutic services for high school students.

Prior to completing her medical training, Dr. Nassar Kuhn was an 8th Grade Science Teacher. She also taught several summer academic programs in Los Angeles, California for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program.

Clinical Psychologist

  Donica Dohrenwend, PhD

  Individual therapy and Psycho-eduational assessments  /   858.877.3601
5830 Oberlin Drive, Suite 203      San Diego, CA 92121

Psychology 360 is a private psychology practice specializing in:

  • Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Individual Therapy and Consultation
  • Forensic Evaluation

We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our clients to address their goals. We offer dependable support and guidance throughout the assessment, evaluation or therapeutic process. Dr. Donica Dohrenwend is the owner of the practice and has more than fifteen years of graduate and post graduate training and experience in the fields of clinical psychology, forensic psychology and assessment.

Contact Psychology 360 at 858.877.3601 for a brief phone consultation to determine if our services fit your needs.


Youth/Adult/Family Clinical Psychology

  Dr. Jodi Abramowitz, PhD   Clinical Psychologist

  Youth/Adult/Family Therapy & Consultation Services  /   858.480.9683
1104 Camino Del Mar      Del Mar, CA 92041

After seven years of working for outpatient clinics, hospitals, residential programs, and counseling centers on the East & West Coast, Dr. Jodi founded Balance Wellness Center in 2015. She has brought with her the approaches and strategies which she believes offer the best opportunities for change, balanced living, and overall wellness. Her work is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a short-term, skills based approach to mental health treatment. She adapts CBT to meet the needs of individuals across the lifespan and integrates additional approaches when needed. Dr. Jodi is passionate about her work and helping her clients improve their lives.