Therapeutic Literacy Center hosts discussions, seminars, and meetups

Events where parents and professionals in the education community are getting together to share, do, and learn something new.

Therapeutic Literacy Center hosts events to facilitate discussion and networking within the Dyslexia and Learning Disability communitiesOur informal sessions are designed and hosted with these goals in mind:

– inform and educate parents and others about topics related to dyslexia, related learning disabilities, and therapies
– promote networking among parents and professionals in the dyslexia and educational therapy community
– facilitate open discussion and exchange of ideas within an expanded, safe, circle of parents and therapists

Currently we offer two specialized venues: Public Lectures and the more specialized Parent Information Nights.

Lectures and Workshops are hosted at libraries and meeting halls in the North County area. This public venue is open to all and offers general information of interest to parents, educators, caregivers, anyone who would like to understand more about the spectrum of learning and disabilities.

Parent Information Nights are hosted at our offices in Solana Beach.  This is a more intimate setting specifically designed for those parents who have already made the decision to seek help for their child and would like to find out more about programs and therapies offered at our center.


Parent Information Nights
Parent Information Night
Do you want to understand WHY your student is struggling in school?
Bright students just shouldn’t be struggling.
Join us at our next parent information meeting to explore that struggle and options to end it.
Is this your child?
Reading, Writing, or Math Challenges
Working hours and hours on homework
Dreading going to school
Smart but underachieving
Struggling to pay attention
Trouble organizing or following through
These kinds of struggles can look like laziness or lack of motivation but they almost never are. They also don’t tend to go away with time, maturity, better teachers, or tutoring. They can go away. Let us help you see what’s possible and how.
Here’s what we do at the meetings:
We want to hear “what it’s like at your house”
We will share with you the “hidden” skills that cause bright students to struggle in school
We’ll talk about the “parents journey” as they move from “Maybe he’ll grow out of it” to “I think he’s just lazy” and finally to “Something here just doesn’t add up!”
You’ll see a chart that groups learning skills into an easy to understand system
We’ll talk about why traditional tutoring doesn’t work
We’ll discuss what the school’s role is in addressing learning problems
Finally, we’ll look at how these challenges can be solved so that the worry and frustration can end for you
Most of all, we want you to get YOUR questions answered.

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Seminars and Workshops

These events are open to all due to the large venue. These sessions typically focus on an area of current interest in the field of dyslexia and auditory processing therapy.  More than just an informational lecture, Maria Bagby or another topic expert from the professional community invite questions and discussions on current and emerging trends in therapy for dyslexia and other learning difficulties.   For more information on the next seminar in the North County Area and to RSVP.

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Interested in a local support group for parents of children with learning difficulties?

We hear from parents and kids alike that they benefit from a support group of like minded people to discuss the issues they may be facing together, and share ideas, strategies, and resources.  Therapeutic Literacy Center is in a perfect position to facilitate bringing together parents (and kids) in the North County area for just that.
We imagine that these groups will not only succeed as a support network but also as a positive place where members can create awareness in their local school and community about the spectrum of learning disabilities and even organize fun events!
If you’re interested networking with other parents in the North County area, use the link below to let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Parent Support Group


If you would like find out more and keep posted of future events, Contact us now.

If you have a suggestion for a topic or would like to host an event, please let us know!

Recent Events Topics:Parents and Therapists meet at TLC to discuss learning disabilities and related topics

  • Role of Auditory Processing in ADHD and Dyslexia
  • Your Child’s IEP:  Issues and Answers
  • Language Delays and Disabilities: What it feels like and how it affects learning
  • Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties: Simulation and Discussion of treatments