What are the signs and symptoms that your child is struggling?

  • Struggling keeping up with his peers
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration in doing homework?
  • Resistance to reading
  • Slow laborious reading
  • Difficulty sounding out words
  • Inability to recognize the same words further down on the page
  • Guessing at words based on the first letter
  • Get the details of a story but not the main idea
  • Having to re-read things more than once and still not understanding
  • Poor “listening skills”
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Often asking for things to be repeated
  • Telling stories that go off on tangents but don’t seem to get to the point
  • One word answers to questions
  • Poor spelling
  • Resistance to writing
  • Unorganized writing without structure
  • Hesitates when trying to expressive self
  • Difficulty interacting or working with peers
  • Difficulty remembering what they have read
  • Difficulty comprehending when reading or listening?
  • Poor auditory memory
  • Poor visual discrimination

Our students have needs that can’t be met in the traditional school model.  Yet,with the right intervention, their skills are strengthened so that they can return to the classroom with confidence in themselves as learners.
We focus on enhancing and developing those processing skills that bring about the biggest impact on learning: Auditory Processing, Auditory-Visual Association, Comprehension, Processing Speed, Divided attention, Selective Attention, Memory, Visualization, and dozens of other skill sets that many of us take for granted. Where schools and tutors do their work they tend to make accommodations for weak areas – the signs and symptoms you have noticed in your child. Whereas we are actually training the weaknesses to be strong enough to not need any accommodations or modifications. We address the cause, not merely the symptom.

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