Current Clients:

Use Acuity to make small changes (cancel/reschedule up to three appointments)
but use the Permanent Change Request form before the 15th of the month
to make big changes (such as a regular change of day or time).

For any other scheduling related questions/concerns please e-mail:


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Schedule Change Requests

All permanent schedule change requests MUST be made
by the 15th of the previous month using this form:

Permanent Change Request Form 


TLC Minimal Days

We operate in a 20-Day month (plus 4 Saturdays). There are usually some months that have an extra Monday, Tuesday or other day of the week.  On the “extra days” we are OPEN for rescheduling opportunities and/or purchasing another session at a reduced rate ($60/hour).

2017 Calendar

Minimal Day – July 3
Closed / Holiday – July 4
Minimal Days – August 28, 29, 30
Minimal Day – September 4
Closed / Holiday – September 3
Minimal Days – October 30, 31
Minimal Day – November 24
Closed/Holiday –  November 23
Closed/Holiday – December 25

2018 Calendar

Closed/Holiday – January 1
Closed/Holiday – January 15
(No Minimal Days in January)

Minimal Day February 19

Minimal DayMarch 29
Minimal DayMarch 30
Minimal DayMarch 31 (Saturday)

Minimal DayApril 30

Closed/Holiday – May 28
Minimal DayMay 29
Minimal DayMay 30
Minimal DayMay 31

Minimal DayJune 1

Minimal DayJuly 3
Closed/Holiday – July 4

Minimal DayAugust 29
Minimal Day – August 30
Minimal Day – August 31

Minimal DaySeptember 1 (Saturday)
Closed/Holiday – September 3
Note: There are only 19 weekdays in September. Therefore, October 1 serves as the missing day in September.

OPENOctober 1 (Serves as missing day in September)
Minimal DayOctober 30
Minimal DayOctober 31

Closed/Holiday – November 12
Closed/Holiday – November 22
(No Minimal Days in November)

Closed/Holiday December 25
Minimal DayDecember 29 (Saturday)