Erase your child’s learning disabilities at our Solana Center!

TLC has brought the Arrowsmith Program to North County San Diego!
We have only a few spots left and they are filling quickly!

The Arrowsmith Program - increase your child's ability to learn and retain information!

Why? We change lives every day, help many get OUT of special education, but there are still a few students that come in our door with more complex needs than we have been able to help in a timely manner… it just takes too long! It’s our belief that children don’t have much time. Time doesn’t move backwards and it doesn’t stand still while they get what they need and WANT – success in school like all of their peers.

By adding the Arrowsmith Program to our system of tools, we are now able to help an additional population of students. We are able to change the lives of students with even more complex challenges than we were before.

Child With Learning Disability in Arrowsmith ProgramWhat is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is the brain’s ability to change both its physical structure and its functional organization in response to training and experience – to grow dendrites (the branch-like structures on the cell body of the neuron which receive signals coming from other neurons), to form new neural connections, to strengthen existing connections, to grow new neurons, to increase neurotransmitters – all of which fundamentally change the brain’s capacity to learn and to function and this can happen throughout the lifespan.

How does the Arrowsmith Program utilize the principles of neuroplasticity?

The premise of the Arrowsmith Program is that the weaker cognitive areas that contribute to learning difficulties can be strengthened through cognitive exercises. Once the source of the learning difficulty is addressed, the learner’s ability to perform complex tasks will also be improved.

The research behind neuroplasticity, the Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive training program designed to build or strengthen cognitive skills needed for success in school and life. Barbara Arrowsmith developed the exercises when she herself had deficits identified that were impeding with her dreams for her life.

We invite you to view the introductory VIDEO from the Arrowsmith website. This fifteen-minute introduction provides an overview of the program and we hope it will answer many of your questions about what we do and the suitability of our program for your child or for yourself.

Teacher With Student in Arrowsmith Program at Therapeutic Literacy CenterLearning problems don’t have to be permanent!

TLC has been successful in providing cognitive therapies for all types of students with varying cognitive weaknesses. We like to say that we are SO SUCCESSFUL because we “skew our data” by choosing the “right” students that match what we have.

By adding the Arrowsmith to our list of tools, we are able to additionally serve those students that haven’t had a place that is able to meet their needs…. or just takes too long…. NOW we are able to also serve those students that have a complexity or combination of deficits that have traditionally taken longer to fix or correct. Who are these kids?

Drawing that depicts the differences between left brain and right brain functions

 The Typical Arrowsmith Student

  • is of average or above average intelligence
  • has a discrepancy between intelligence and performance despite hard work and effort
  • has a desire for change and is willing to do the work for a change!
  • has a combination of the learning dysfunctions that are described in the Descriptions of Learning Dysfunctions on our website and in our brochure does not have severe intellectual, cognitive, emotional or behavioral disorders that would significantly affect his or her ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program.
  • does not have acquired brain injury or an autism spectrum disorder
  • is of elementary, secondary or post-secondary school age

Is my child a candidate for Arrowsmith?

Complete the cognitive profile questionnaire to identify which areas your child may benefit from:

How can I learn more?

See the Arrowsmith San Diego Website –

Download the Arrowsmith Trifold-Brochure to learn more,
and contact our Clinical Director for further information.

Explore the Arrowsmith Program website.

Watch the Arrowsmith Program featured on 60 Minutes Australia.

Watch Barbara Arrowsmith in her TedEx Presentation.