Maria Bagby, Owner/Director of Therapeutic Literacy Center

Maria Bagby, MAs
Owner Director
Reading Specialist
Educational Therapist

What sets us apart from other therapeutic instruction centers?

What is it about us that has people talking? There are other centers in the area that offer therapeutic instruction for students who are struggling academically but at Therapeutic Literacy Center, once you enter our office, you will FEEL the difference. TLC is a safe haven for struggling students and the work we do is fun and life-changing for our students.  Our focus is on getting to the source of the problem when a child is struggling academically. Programming for students is completely individualized based on each student’s needs and designed to make each child’s experience a positive one. 

Full-time clinicians with psychology degrees work together to help your child flourish

At Therapeutic Literacy Center, all our clinicians are college graduates with degrees in psychology. They aren’t part time people working a “job” while they look for something else.  They are all full-time clinicians dedicated to all of our clients. Working full-time allows us to go deeper in training and expertise in your child.  We promise that there will never be “only two eyes” on your child. The level of collaboration and team work in studying your child along their growth accelerates their progress. That is our commitment to you.  Come in and see us to learn more about us and what we can do to help your child and you.