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The Therapeutic Literacy Center is renowned for its intensive therapeutic approach to fixing the learning problems associated with Dyslexia, ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

“More of the same” won’t FIX the learning problems.
Please watch this 7 minute video to understand our approach to fixing learning problems:



We offer an entirely different approach than schools and tutors do.  We aim to FIX the problem rather than continuing to accommodate or work around the problem.  Students who are working harder than their peers need to strengthen their underlying skills or mental “tools” needed for efficient learning. 

We offer specialized programming that is short-term and individually based on evaluation of specific cognitive processes behind the student’s success in reading, writing and spelling.

With the right support, your child can become independent and confident academically. What we offer…

If your child is experiencing any of these things, we may be able to help: – Difficulty sounding out words – Struggling to read fluently – Inaccurate spelling for his/her age or reading ability – Slow to initiate writing tasks – Poor self-esteem and peer relationships – Struggles to do homework Read more…..

We offer one-to-one intensive cognitive therapy as well as small group educational therapy and tutoring too.                                   Read more…..